Introduction: Developing countries  

Welcome to Deaf People in Developing and Developed Countries Information webpage.

This is a new ideal for everybody to be able to find information about how to assist their own countries on how to find some kind of funds.

For instance, Bhutan might looks for an assist to establish a Deaf Association or seeking for Sign Language Linguists, but they need some sufficient funds.

How to get an AID?
They can seek on the hyperlink on the country name and will lead it to another page with different of countries who able to assist their country, such as Australia, Japan, Finland, etc. to get an AID.

Frontrunners 2 have researched based on the list of†WFD Ordinary members and UN Members. They have found there are a number of†countries†do not have an organization for Deaf people under the World Bank definition of their developing country status.†Thatís why Frontrunners 2 are interested to develop a website to encourage Deaf people in the Developing Countries to make a contact with the Deaf Association (Ordinary Member of WFD).

What is WFD?
WFD is an international, non-governmental central organization of national associations of Deaf people, with a current membership of associations in 128 countries worldwide who are part of OM. As according, As of 2006 there are 192 United Nations member states. We have 64 developed and developing countries that are not part of OM.

What is Ordinary Members (OM)?
Any developed or developing countries are membership of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). OM is to benefit for any Deaf people in developing countries. Our goal is to designing this webpage for any countries who are not current ordinary members of WFD to be able to assist them on how to find different kind of funds.

If you have any questions, suggestion or concerns, please do feel free to contact us at fr2@frontrunners2.dk


WFD Policy:
Work Done by Member Organisations in Developing Countries

WFD Policy:
Work in Developing countries

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