International Project Management

A Deaf International Youth Leadership Training Programme
-with focus on International Project Management-

Wanna change the world? Be a Frontrunner!


The overall aim is to acquire knowledge and skills about Project Management and through practical training become a good project manager.

  • What is Project Management and Good Practise?
  • The role of the Project Manager, from beginning to end.
  • Models for management of projects.
  • Tools for project management.
  • Pitfalls and dangers when walking through the development phases of a project.
  • Development of the project plan including overview of activities and outputs, time schedules and milestones.
  • Motivation and commitment at project start.
  • Knowledge about ongoing projects for the deaf.

Period 1

Castberggård, Denmark 15 weeks
From 3 September to 14 December 2007 (week 36 to week 50).


  • A. Topic : Deaf-related topics
  • B. Topic : How to start project
  • C. Topic : Planning of project
  • D. Planning of the period of your intership

Period 2

From 15 December to 17 February 2008 (week 51 to week 7).
Intership: Either in your home country or as a volunteer in a developing country.


  • A. Topic : Implementation and running of Project Abroad.
  • B. Task : weekly reviews and reports to a FR-mentor
  • C. Opportunity : Supervisor by a FR-mentor (via webcam)

Period 3

Castberggård, Denmark 13 weeks:
From 18 February to 16 May 2008 (week 8 to week 20).


  • A. Topic : Deaf-related topics – continues
  • B. Analyze : Your intership period and evalutation
  • C. Finalization and evaluation of your project.


Castberggård Østerskovvej 1, Urlev 8722 Hedensted, Denmark


All Deaf youth people from 18 to 30 year from the world are welcome!

Feel free to contact us at fv@cbg.dk or ov@cbg.dk if you want to have more information about Frontrunners III.

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