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Frontrunners returns! 25.09.2006
Velkommen Willkommen Bienvenue

Welcome to the website!

If you are curious what Frontrunners 2 Program is all about, go to "Frontrunners" headline and click on "What's FR" and you will find good information.
By the way, sorry for the delay, our video is finally ready for you to view our perspectives by using the international signs.

Our newest VLOG report will be about "Genocide of Deaf people" Check it out!
Once again, we hope you will enjoy exploring in this site.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you can send us email to fr2@frontrunners2.dk

Gallery 25.09.2006

If you're curious what we have done in the past weeks.

We guarantee you that you wanna to join Frontrunners 3 after you viewed the photos! (winks)

Click here to view photos (on your own risk!)

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